Committees Eruv is Unchecked*

The following committees have been endorsed:

  • Mommy Meals: a long running provider of fine cuisine for those too overwhelmed with the idea of a two-day-old dictating its household's timetable. The committee sets up meals for the first two weeks (including Shabbat) to be made by one family per meal. Special needs such as Chalav Yisroel, allergies and other requests are all taken care of.

    Debbie Levant should be contacted as soon as anyone knows of a member who has given birth. Future moms are encouraged to call close to their due date.

    Phone: (917) 521-9053

  • Welcoming Committee: its goals:
    • Welcome new families into our community, introduce them to their neighbors and show them the services available in our area (shuls, shops, transportation and so on).
    • Keep a relatively accurate list of the members of our community; a phonebook will be published periodically.

    This committee is currently run by Joey Bohm. As with Mommy Meals, Joey needs a quick heads up by phone or mail when family moves in or out.

    Phone: (267) 972-4092

    * The Eruv was last checked on Fri, October 22, 2021

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